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For many years, Andrew acted for clients who had been charged with a range of offences in all the Queensland jurisdictions. He was the lead contractor in a contract that supplied a lawyer to the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on behalf of Legal Aid. Because of that contract, Andrew had the biggest criminal firm on the Sunshine Coast for many years. He has personally appeared in court for thousands of clients.

Now, Andrew Gardiner Law selectively takes on cases where we know we can assist. There are no shortcuts to a successful result in a criminal matter. We take the time to understand the facts, our client and what they want to achieve. We then put together a strategy with our client to give them the highest chance of success.

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Image of lawyer acting for client involved in a criminal offence.

Andrew Gardiner Law

Criminal Law | Client Case Studies

Charges by the Commonwealth for failure to lodge BAS and annual returns.

  • We assisted our client through the process to make sure they were in the best possible position.
  • We made sure the client ‘cleaned up’ some outstanding issues.
  • We negotiated with the Commonwealth.
  • The client entered a guilty plea.
  • The result was a fine that was less than the ‘standard’ ATO fine.
  • At the time, the Magistrate commented that they had never imposed a fine in that lower range before.

Mid-range drink driving charges.

  • Our client had future ambitions.
  • We could show the Court that our client’s future ambitions were real.
  • We could show the Court that our client’s actions were out of character.
  • The result was that the Court accepted our submissions and no conviction was recorded.
  • Our client’s future ambitions remained available to her.
  • The Magistrate commented that this result was very unusual.
Image of lawyer assisting with mid range drink driving case

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