Commercial Property Sales & Leasing

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In the complex commercial property sphere, you need to choose a lawyer who understands what you are trying to achieve and how best to achieve it. At Andrew Gardiner Law we have experience acting for all areas of commercial property interests including :

  • Unit complex developers
  • Land subdivision developers
  • Shopping centre owners
  • Office building owners
  • Retail, commercial and industrial property landlords
  • Shopping mall and strip centre tenants
  • Retail Shop leases

We understand the different structures that savvy commercial players use, including bare trust, discretionary trust and sole trader. We can let you know the pros and cons of each option and talk to your accountant about your circumstances.

Image of commercial property law firm Andrew Gardiner Law
Image of property law firm Andrew Gardiner Law

There are many issues to consider:

  • Who pays GST? Is the sale a “going concern”?
  • Is the centre a retail shopping centre?
  • Does the sale transfer the leases? What about bonds?
  • What about the current tenants? What liability do you have?
  • Will the bank fund the purchase? What documents should I prepare for the bank?

If you are leasing, you need to understand your lease and your rights. Is there an option in the lease for the tenant to have a further term? When should the option be exercised? We can help you navigate the fine print.

Owning and operating commercial property can be very rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. Make sure to obtain the right legal advice. Does your lawyer have personal experience in creating land subdivisions? Developing property? Being a commercial tenant and owner? Andrew has experience in all these areas.

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Commercial Property Sales & Leasing | Client Case Studies

A developer of a mixed-use property wanted:

  • Off-the-plan sales. We drew up the disclosure documents and the off-the-plan contracts that ensured clarity for the buyer and satisfied the lender’s requirements.
  • A volumetric subdivision. Our Building Management Statement set out the arrangement between the various body corporates.

A seller of a strip mall had signed a contract through a commercial agent. Little consideration had been given to the tenants. We were able to contact the tenants, provide the disclosures under the Retail Shop Leases Act, answer the buyer’s queries and ensure settlement went through.

A proposed tenant of a local shopping centre asked us to review the leases. The shopping centre manager had promised assistance with the fit out. The client was getting more and more frustrated with the landlord’s approach. As a result of our initial negotiations, the client was able to walk away. He did and was happy with the result.

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Wills & Powers of Attorney

Successful people plan. A will and power of attorney are essential components of good planning. Andrew has many years of experience preparing these important documents for clients to give them peace of mind.