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How often have you signed a contract or accepted terms and conditions without reading a single word? (Guilty as charged when it comes to our mobile phone contracts!) But when you enter into a financial relationship with someone or any other important contract, you should write down the terms – it is an insurance policy.

If the other party does not fulfill their obligations, you will be able to refer to your contract and gently remind them what they agreed to do. If the gentle reminder does not work, your contract can serve to protect your rights in a court of law.

We can create seamless contracts that will protect your assets and dissect existing contracts to help you understand your rights and obligations.

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Contracts | Client Case Studies

A parent loaned money to their married son. We prepared a simple contract to protect their money. There have been numerous cases where spouses have claimed that loaned money was a gift and taken half in the divorce.

When our client signed a shareholders’ agreement with his partners in a new business, everyone was happy and convinced they were on their way to earn millions. But something went wrong and one party wanted out. Our client came to us with big questions: How do we value the share to be sold? Do the other shareholders get first option? We helped them reach a resolution that everyone was happy with.

Our client was setting up a new website. They were sure that this was their road to riches. They came to see us as a last-minute thought to throw together some ‘website terms’. From that conversation, we came to understand the business model and what they were trying to achieve. The result: The website terms became the glue that held the concept together.

Image of lawyer negotiating a share holders agreement.

Superannuation & Trusts

Superannuation deeds and trust documents might not be exciting, but the proper use of these structures can minimise your tax and secure your assets.