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You as Executor

Losing a loved one can be painful and confusing. We can help you through this difficult period by assisting you with the administration of the estate.

If you are appointed the executor, it is our job to make sure that your loved one’s last wishes are carried through and that the process is as easy and stress-free as possible.


Probate is the application to the Supreme Court to ‘prove’ the last will of the deceased. From there, the executor is then given authority to administer the will.

Grant of Administration – No will or no executors

It may be that your loved one failed to prepare a will. It may be that the will has named executors that are no longer alive or have disappeared. We can assist to make sure that the estate is resolved.

Executors in distress?

We understand that there can be many competing interests when it comes to the distribution of an estate. There may be parties who are in a hurry for monies or feel that they have been treated unfairly. We can be called upon to be the voice of the executor to take the pressure off you and resolve disputes with your best interests at heart.

Family Provision Claims

Of course, there are cases where the will has not been considered for some time or someone has been forgotten. If you have been overlooked by the deceased or are being treated unfairly by the executor, we will act to make sure that you receive a fair hearing and your fair share of the estate.

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Estate Law | Client Case Studies

Sensible Negotiations with Others

Our client was the executor of his late wife’s will. They had been married for years and had left their assets to each other under their wills.

The wife had children before she met our client. These children were not in need, but they threatened litigation against the estate to receive money from our client.

The true position of the estate was outlined to the children. The children agreed with our position and no claim was made. Our client was able to avoid costly and emotionally draining litigation.

Negotiations with Banks

Our clients had been married for many years. When the husband died, all the assets were supposed to transfer to the wife. The bank was insisting on the wife making an application for probate to the Supreme Court – a costly and sometimes unnecessary process.

We were able to convince the bank there was another way. The bank agreed and our client saved thousands in legal and court fees.

Estate Planning

Criminal Law

There are no shortcuts to a successful result in a criminal matter. We take the time to understand the facts, our client and what they want to achieve.