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Our Sunshine Coast litigation and dispute resolution lawyers understand how stressful the litigation process can be and are here to make it as smooth as possible for you. We will help you navigate litigation with strong, sensible and practical advice.

We have a wealth of experience in will and estate disputes, power of attorney and guardianship disputes, commercial and property disputes, contract disputes and general debt collection.

Our team of litigation lawyers will:

  • Go through all the documents that make up the matter
  • Take the time to understand your circumstances and desired outcome
  • Give you clear advice that makes sense without any complex legal jargon
  • Make sure you understand your position and do not get strung along
  • Talk to you about various settlement options
  • Take your matter to the courts if needed

We have a proven track record of obtaining favourable outcomes for clients who face litigation. We will counsel you on the best way forward to settle the matter as quickly and easily as possible so you can put it behind you and get back to your life.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution | Client Case Studies

Our client was a small business owner. She lent money to a struggling family member to help save their company. She then became a director of that company to try to rescue it from financial ruin. A receiver was appointed to the company and they sued our client for alleged insolvent trading. Our client’s assets, including her family home, were at risk. Our client was at a severe disadvantage from the point of view of relative wealth and resources. With our intervention, a settlement was reached and our client was able to keep her home.

Our client had lent money to a developer. There were promises of repayment, but none was ever made. We managed to secure the debt by way of a caveat over the development property. After lengthy negotiations, an agreement was made and our client received their entire loan amount plus interest and costs.

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When you enter into a financial relationship with someone or any other important contract, you should write down the terms – it is an insurance policy.