Superannuation and Trusts

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Different Structures

The proper use of superannuation entities and family (discretionary) trusts can minimise your tax and secure your assets. Whether it be a SMSF (self-managed super fund), a unit trust, discretionary trust or some hybrid trust there are many opportunities to make sure you have the right structure to assist you with what you are planning.


Our clients often have us review their documents and make sure they are what they should be. We will explain them to you in simple, straightforward terms.

We can prepare your:

  • Family trust deed
  • Unit trust deed
  • Superannuation fund documents
  • Bare trust (for that property purchase in the super fund)
  • Resignation and Change of Trustees
  • Amendment deeds for any of the above

Andrew Gardiner Law looks at the big picture and make sure you’re getting the best possible advice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and quote.

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Superannuation and Trusts | Client Case Studies

Using the Appointor’s Power

A client came to us after their mother had died. Mum was the appointor and trustee of the family trust. The family trust owned the business and the business needed documents signed and someone in control very quickly. We were able to assist the client in understanding the mechanism for taking control of the trust. The client was the executor of Mum’s will. The trust deed allowed the executor to appoint a new appointor of the trust. New documents were drawn up quickly. The business was not affected.

New Family Trust

Our clients owned the family home in their name. The wife was setting up a new business and was going to trade in her own name. We explained the risks to her family home if the business failed. After discussions with her accountant, we set up a family trust for her to use as the owner of the business asset. The risks were minimised.

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There are no shortcuts to a successful result in a criminal matter. We take the time to understand the facts, our client and what they want to achieve.